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You made it! This is where you will find all my projects. Each project has been discussed as a problem or a challenge that the design finally solved. Pick yours and then explore its design solution and prototype on the next page, along with the tools and process involved in that solution.

Confusion to Conversion

Key metric: improved by ~64% 

A key user insight revealed an unexpected challenge in our UX. Tackling this challenge resulted in impressive results: conversion rates increased, and abandonment rates dropped.


Signup Gamification

FTD increased: From 6 to >20%

Have you ever tried giving users a signup bonus hoping they would stick around and make some good revenue for you, only to realise that they signed up only to get the bonus and chose another platform for the actual deposit?


Leaderboards Gamified

Increased: Session/LTV by 27%

You might have competed to top the leaderboards of various games at some point in life. If not, you would do it as soon as you start playing games. Leaderboards are fun to keep user engagement high with many gratifications.


User Acquisition

Decreased: CAC by 35%

Acquiring new users through different channels is always the top priority goal of any business, and it was the case for PokerBaazi too. Here I discuss: refer a friend module which was the leading solution. 


User Game Profile

Increased: NPS for Pro Players

Pro players are very adamant about receiving proper insights about their gameplay. This is exactly what we gave them with this version of the User Game Profile. Data Viz. to the best! 

Design solution and prototype, Coming soon 


From That to This

Ground-up: Revamped old Product

Revamping a product that already has millions of users from the ground up is a challenging task on its own. This was the very first design sprint I did after joining PokerBaazi.

Design solution and prototype, Coming soon 

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